Hegedus Aerodynamics

Example cases

Listed below are some example and test cases. The motivation for these is to explore the capabilities of various analysis methods. In general, papers and articles focus on results which successfully back an author's objective. And, maybe, a little is given to that which did not work. This is understandable, since space is usually at a premium in a paper or article. However, a lot can be learned from that which did not work or was not favorable. I think this is a good forum for it. So it is my intent to present the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The plots in the following cases were created with either gnuplot (in conjunction with Gnuplot.py) or Paraview.

Wedge at 0.0 alpha
Cone at 0.0 alpha, 0.0 beta
2 Cal. Cone Cylinder at 5 alpha, 0.0 beta
4 Cal. Cone Cylinder at 5 alpha, 0.0 beta
TM_2001_210652, Body Alone
TM_2001_210652, With Fin 11
Vassberg's NACA 0012 Grids


Shown below are some notes of mine.

Governing Equations
Artificial Dissipation
Viscous Terms
Spalart-Allmaras Turbulence Model
Diagonal ADI Method

CFD Case Studies

Listed below are examples of interesting CFD results. Maybe these cases can help with establishing one's best/worst practices.

Separation From Cone Shoulder
Forward and Base Pressure Distribution on Decelerator at Mach 0.2
Lift on a 2D Series of Flat Plates
CFD Series of Re for Geometries